Nate Good

Quickly Add and Edit Cookies In Chrome

Occasionally whilst developing, I have the need to manually set a cookie. For example, in our production environment we have multiple app servers and multiple load balancers. We follow a "round robin" approach as opposed to a "sticky session" approach when it comes to load balancing. From time to time it is really handy to be able to isolate yourself to one box for the purposes of testing/debugging a particular box. Our stack will allow this if you have a cookie telling the load balancer where you want it to take you (e.g. setting the "takeMeToServer" cookie to "app3" would hypothetically send all your requests to application box 3). After doing this the ugly way with temporary "set cookie" scripts hosted on the server I was trying to reach, I decided to look for a simpler route.

Chrome has awesome Developer Tools. Included in these tools is the handy "Resources" section which lets you inspect and delete your existing cookies for the site you are on. Unfortunately, it does not let you add or edit your cookies. This is where the old javascript: protocol comes in handy. You can use the URL bar and javascript to set a new cookie for a particular page.


  1. Navigate to the site where you wish to set a new cookie
  2. In your URL bar enter javascript:document.cookie="myCookieName=myCookieValue" where myCookieName is the name of the cookie you wish to set, and myCookieValue is the value.

Bam you are done. You may be taken to a new screen that echos out the contents of your cookie, however if you go back to the domain where you set the cookie, you should be able to open up the Developer Tools again and see your newly set cookie.

Now ain't that sweet?

If you need to set the same cookie or two repeatedly, I would recommend adding a "bookmarklet" for your javascript above. They work just as nicely for the javascript protocol as they do for regular old http links.